"Whittlesford Church"


This is my local parish church, and is here to show that I don't just paint aircraft!

I also do what my wife would call 'nice' paintings, like this pen & wash watercolour.

I also paint in ordinary watercolour, gouache (good for smaller paintings), pastels (especially good for portraits) and acrylics (good if you need the result tonight), though I prefer oils for my aircraft paintings, because you can blend skyscapes and soften edges (difficult with acrylics, as they dry so fast), and also get as much detail as the weave of the canvas permits (acrylics, of course, also allow such detail).

Obviously, I also work in pencil, and charcoal.

Other paintings I intend to show in this non-aircraft slot, include ballerinas, orcas, portraits, and piglets, etc. etc, when I find time to photograph them and scan them in .

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