"Evaluating Tactics"

P-51D Mustangs from the 4th Fighter Group evaluate tactics against a British Meteor jet from 616 Squadron.

In the latter phases of WWII, the German Me 262 jets were proving to be "difficult" to deal with, and some top-secret tests were carried out from the 4th Fighter Group's base at Debden (just a little way south of my village of Whittlesford), where Mustangs were pitted against 616 Squadron's Meteors, in an attempt to find tactics which would best work against the faster jets.
Although the early Meteors were woefully short of thrust compared with later variants, the conclusions reached were that, ultimately, the ability to outrun, and thus engage or disengage at will, gave the edge to the Meteors in most situations except, of course, when they were slowing to land, or taking off.
Germany's great ace, Novotny, was brought down in his Me 262 in just this situation, as he was coming in to land.

The painting is in oils on a 30"x20" Canvas Board.

The tilted horizon adds to the feeling of 'going downhill fast', with the Mustangs attempting to close on the Meteor by diving at it from both sides.

"Evaluating Tactics"

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