"Cambridgeshire Bird Scarers"

A10s & Lapwings over Sawston, Cambridgeshire

As I was driving past some ploughed fields near the village of Sawston (next to my own village of Whittlesford- a footpath links the two villages), I saw two A10s flying low over the fields. The very next week, the same fields were covered in Lapwings, and I thought about the pilot's thoughts if a flock of Lapwings had taken off in fright as he had flown over the field. I don't know how resistant to 'birdstrike' the A10 is, but I thought both the pilots and the birds would have had a moment of anxiety! In any case, I thought it would make a good painting, and one which, moreover, I intend to do again, only bigger and better.

This original, in oils, is painted on a 20" x 16" canvas.


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